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I help my clients solve painful and costly problems that they don’t know how to resolve. We use the DreamBuilder program which is a proven transformation system that guides you into what truly matters in your life. Together we will discover your dream and work on inviting that into your life as you create solutions to problems. The package includes the physical or electronic CD set and worksheets plus 12-weeks of  personal attention from the coach. 

What Is DreamBuilding?

Want to climb the corporate ladder? Open a business? Build that tight-knit family you always wanted? DreamBuilder Coaching shows you the way, by allowing you to finally see the strengths within yourself. Whether you are a high achiever or someone trying to set aside life disappointments or struggles, DreamBuilding will help you manifest and develop your goals with ease.


Who Is This For?

From high-level executives and business owners to stay-at-home-parents, living your best life means living at your highest potential. DreamBuilding can help benefit Executives, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Women, and New Collegiate Graduates! 

Personalized life coaching motivates, solves problems, eliminates obstacles, and improves decision making to move you to the next level of successful living. Let’s get started!


DreamBuilding Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the DreamBuilder program.  If you have more questions, please feel free to click the button below. I hope all of the answers lead you to some guidance on how we will work together to build your dream!

1. What is DreamBuilding?

 DreamBuilder is a transformative system that works to guide you into what truly matters to you. The package includes the physical or electronic CD set and worksheets plus 12-weeks of personal attention from the coach. This one-on-one DreamBuilder program will allow you to share and develop your dream as well as interact with your coach to ask and discuss all of your questions. The customer has the choice to pay the COVID-19 discounted price of $997 upfront or a 3-month payment plan at $333/month.

2. How will I benefit from the DreamBuilder package?

You will benefit by learning to design your life rather than living by default and what just shows up. You are a creator and you can use these tools to know yourself, what you want, and what to do to begin that process of inviting your dreams into your reality. Within the one on one package, you are given special attention to achieve their dreams. Working with your coach one-on-one will allow you to ask any questions, work individually on yourself, and to build your dream from the ground up.

3. What will I gain from this process?

You will gain a fresh new perspective, energy, and actions to take in your life towards your dreams. A stronger, more confident self with new capabilities will be revealed to you. 

4. How many sessions are in each package?

In the DreamBuilder one-to-one package you will receive the course from Mary Morrissey with 12 weeks of lessons to listen to and process with questions provided. You will meet weekly with your coach to discuss your progress and work on your questions.  

5. Will this help me longterm?

There are a few things that occur in life that truly change who we are and how we see our world. This is one of them! Yes, going through this process will allow you to learn how to build your dream(s) for the rest of your life. Once you learn how to visualize what your goals are you life will be forever changed. 

DreamBuilding Packages

Vision Lab

Create your personal, professional, or company vision with a two-hour workshop. Guiding you to identify and focus on what is most important, while learning to think in a more expansive way.

More Details

Join me for a completely FREE package to see if the DreamBuilder program is right for you! This package includes a 1.5 hour session via Zoom that will allow you to begin your Dreambuilder process!



Discovering yourself, what is missing and what you want in your life. Engage your resources in a group to create a plan of action to increase your capabilities. 

More Details

This package will include 1 hour sessions for 4 weeks with a group from 4-6 people. The price is $97 per person and will be a lunch and learn catered to your available time. The package will help you to build the foundation you need to achieve your goals and discover who you truly are. 

DreamBuilder Package

Working one-on-one to enhance change. Transforming who we are takes time to practice and time to evaluate from new perspectives so this option meets weekly for 3 months by phone, video conferencing, or in-person (where possible).

More Details

The DreamBuilder package will include 12 weeks of direct attention from the coach in personal classes. Unlike maybe large DreamBuilder programs this will allow you to ask all of your questions and receive personal attention from the coach one on one. The customer has the choice to pay the COVID-19 discounted price of $997 upfront or a 3-month payment plan. 

About Paula

My name is Paula Kahawai Robben and I am a DREAMER. I serve as a Life Coach, Alternative Health Practitioner, Mastermind Facilitator, SBDC Certified Business Consultant, and Food Council Secretary. I am living the life I dreamed about at 7-years-old – I am married to a wonderful man with two amazing daughters who are confident, strong, and responsible (which was always my main goal), but that did not come with ease. 

Spending the first 30 years of my life without any real guidance forced me to find exactly who I am, what I believe, what I need and want, and how to seek change and manifest success. I work to relay these methods to others because I am living proof that you CAN turn dreams into reality.  

Let’s take these next steps together to find YOUR purpose!



“Paula’s technique gives you the ability to release the energy of your emotional blocks that can trigger problems in your life. She is a gift and has made me realize my potential, release old beliefs of failure, and let me know I can accomplish anything.”  

– Kennette O.


“The support, practical knowledge and coaching Paula shares at each visit is such a vital part of the healing. I would encourage anyone to consider a consult with Paula to begin your journey to better health!”

– Michelle M.


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