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Working one-on-one to enhance change. Transforming who we are takes time to practice and time to evaluate from new perspectives so this option meets weekly for 3 months by phone, video conferencing, or in-person.

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What is it?

The DreamBuilder package will include 12 weeks of direct attention from the coach in personal classes. Unlike maybe large DreamBuilder programs this will allow you to ask all of your questions and receive personal attention from the coach one on one.



Why should you sign up?

You should sign up for the DreamBuilder package to learn what your BIG dream is, to discover what is getting in your way of that dream, and how you can overcome those obstacles. The DreamBuilding system is proven to work and this workshop is just the start of it!

Let’s work together to get you on track to a happier life!



Package Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about my DreamBuilder Package.  If you have more questions, please feel free to write me a message below. I hope all of the answers lead you to some guidance on how we will work together to build your dream!

1. What is a DreamBuilder Package?

 DreamBuilder is a transformative system that works to guide you into what truly matters to you. The package includes the physical or electronic CD set and worksheets plus 12-weeks of personal attention from the coach. This one-on-one DreamBuilder program will allow you to share and develop your dream as well as interact with your coach to ask and discuss all of your questions. The customer has the choice to pay the COVID-19 discounted price of $997 upfront or a 3-month payment plan at $333/month.

2. How will I benefit from the package?

Within the one on one package, the customer is given special attention to achieve their dreams. Working with me one on one will allow you to ask any questions, work individually on yourself, and to build your dream from the ground up. 

3. Who is this for?

Those wanting to change your life. You will gain the beginning of your personal vision. Every person is unique in this world and what we choose to create begins a new journey including our gifts, talents and treasures. 

4. How does this guide me into the DreamBuilder Program?

In the Vision Workshop there is a one hour session, in the Transformations package there will be 4-6 one hour sessions, and in the DreamBuilder package there will be 16 weeks of one hour sessions.

5. Will this help me longterm?

Yes, going through this process will allow you to learn how to build your dream(s) for the rest of your life. Once you learn how to visualize what your goals are you life will be forever changed. 

Let’s get started!

I look forward to helping you envision and create your dream. Sign up below to start your DreamBuilder process today!


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